Motorola Plug-in SpeakerPhone
  • Motorola Plug-in SpeakerPhone

Motorola Plug-in SpeakerPhone

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- A780 A830 A835 A920 A925 A1000 A1100
- C975 C980
- E1070 E1000 E398 E550 E1 ROKR
- MPx200 MPx220 MPx260 T280 T720
- V60 V60i V66 V66i V70 V80
- V300 V400P V500 V525 V550
- V600 V620 V635 V975 V980 V1050

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Turn your phone into a powerful hands-free speaker! Bring other people into a conversation by simply attaching the speaker to the phone, Quality spekaer and microphone for duplex hands-free audio performance. Can be used stand alone or powered by any charges. Hands-free mode only available when a call is in prgress. Use the "SPEAKER" soft key on the phone to toggle between hands-free and private mode.

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