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Displex suojakalvo 85 mm x 120 mm

Package content: 2x protective films, 1x FixCARD, 2x Applicators, 1x micofibre cloth, Voucher for 2 cutting templates

- 10-year guarantee
- High-tech protective films made of extremely scratch-resistant material
- Fits all mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3 players and navigation systems up to 5,5”/14cm (85 x 120 mm)
- Unique database with display patterns on www.displex.com/download (more than 1500 models online – continuous updates!)
- All-inclusive set with 2 films and accessories for the use of multi-devices
- High protection from scratches and dirt
- No bubbles when in place and really clean surface when removed

The DISPLEX PROTECTOR PREMIUM CLEAR sets a new standard in the area of display protection.

This high tech film is extremely scratch-resistant, fits precisely and can be removed at any time without residues. Simply stick the protective film on the display and the amazing protective effect provides a lasting, clear view right away whilst protecting the value of all your electronic devices.

One extra feature is that you will receive a 10-year guarantee against scratches. Tailoring the DISPLEX PROTECTOR PREMIUM CLEAR protective film exactly is easy. Either download the relevant cutting template for the display from the web site www.displex.com/download or measure the display and tailor the film. Detailed instructions and the DISPLEX-applicator and the FixCARD assist with the application of the film. Kompatible with all devices with displays up to 8.5 x 12 cm

Displex suojakalvo 85 mm x 120 mm
 Displex suojakalvo 85 mm x 120 mm

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